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Math League

West Math League

The Mankato West Math League competes in the Minnesota Valley Conference against eight other teams. There are five meets throughout the year. At these meets, each of the students take two of the four available tests. On each test there are four questions, the first being worth 1 point and the last three all worth 2 points. 8 students from each team are chosen to count towards their team total. With each of these students taking two of the tests, the sixteen scores counted for team totals must be divided so that four are from each event (A, B, C, and D). Then the same 8 students, as a group, take a team test composed of 6 questions worth 4 points apiece.

The West Math League Team has done very well in the past and has usually been one of the top three teams to finish in total points each year. They have even made some state tournament appearances in the past and have placed well. During the 2001-2002 season one student had tied for the highest individual points scored during the season and was able to compete in the state tournament as an individual.

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