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West Hall of Fame

In 2013, Mankato West High School started a Hall of Fame for the purpose of providing our current students, staff, and community with the vision of the outstanding legacies of Mankato High School and Mankato West High School. It is hoped that these people will provide role models for our current students and offer us a chance to celebrate the successes of those from our school.

The original Hall of Fame selection committee established criteria to ensure recognition of a broad cross-section of achievers. Five categories were established as criteria for selecting inductee’s for the Wall of Fame:

• Professional
• Athletic / Entertainment
• Science / Technology
• Community Service
• Entrepreneur / Industrial

The above categories are listed to serve as general guidelines in the selection process. It is not mandatory that candidates for induction represent each of the above categories. As stated, the categories are meant to ensure selection come from a broad cross-section of achievers. We are attempting to honor individuals who have made a difference, people who have succeeded, and people who have given unselfishly to make the world a better place.  

The process for selecting the class will be as follows:

  • Nomination forms will be available on the Mankato West Website, with additional information made available on a “Mankato West Hall of Fame” Facebook page. We will also attempt to make contacts with our local media, alumni groups and current community members to advertise the Hall of Fame.
  • Nominations are due May 1st.  Information will be collected from nominees in May and is due back to Mankato West by June 1.  
  • Nomination packets will be distributed to selection team members in May. The selection team will include a broad cross-section of the Mankato West community including representation from school administration, current faculty, alumni faculty, students and other members of our community.
  • In late May or early June, the selection team will meet in order to review nominees and invite selected candidates to join the Mankato West Hall of Fame.
  • Candidates selected would be notified of their selection and, if they accept the invitation, would be inducted at a ceremony to be held in the fall. The induction ceremony would take place on Thursday prior to homecoming. Candidates would also be acknowledged during the Homecoming Commencement Ceremony and at halftime of the Homecoming football game.    
  • The names of HOF inductees would be released to the media approximately 1 week prior to the induction ceremony.

We are very excited about the opportunity to honor from some of the many talented and successful people who have been a part of the Mankato West High School community and also to display them as examples to our students past, present and future.