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Parking Permits

Students are allowed to park in a school district location as a matter of privilege, not of right.  Every car using the school parking lot must display a parking permit issued through the main office, excluding the free lot.  



1. All students using the parking lot must fill out a parking permit application complete with a parent’s or guardian’s signature and the $80.00 parking permit fee. Upon turning this signed application into the principal’s office, the student will receive a parking sticker under the following conditions:

Only Juniors and Seniors will be issued parking stickers - this includes the drivers of all motorized vehicles: cars, vans, trucks, cycles, etc.

A limited number of parking permits will be issued.

The student has signed the District 77 agreement concerning Policy 531, which explains the procedures for student use and parking of motor vehicles; patrols, inspections and searches.

2. The parking sticker is to be placed on the rear window of four-wheeled vehicles and behind the rear seat of cycles. In all cases the sticker must be in plain view.

3. Students who drive and park another vehicle other than the one that is registered must obtain a temporary parking permit from the assistant principal. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain a temporary parking permit, and provide the dates for which the temporary permit is needed.  Expired temporary permits will not be honored and vehicles will be towed as appropriate.

4. The front lot is entirely for student use. The back lot is reserved for Mankato West faculty, staff, and visitors. 

Visitors to Mankato West are asked to use the designated “Visitor” parking stalls in the back lot of the school. Students in “Vocational Auto Mechanics” and “Wheels and Walls” (with instructor’s permission) will be allowed to park their vehicles in the designated parking stalls marked for this class (along the south side of the Annex) only during the morning or afternoon, but not for the whole school day

Students taking part in all day athletic and fine arts events (i.e. Big 9 competitions and performances) are to park in the front lot.  Vehicles must be reported to the assistant principal prior to leaving or they may be subject to tow.

5. Students are to park their vehicles in the appropriate lined areas avoiding thru-ways and fire lanes which allow enough space for bus pick-up/drop-off and emergency vehicles.  Parking in one of these areas may result in immediate tow.

6. Students who are not issued parking permits may park by the West baseball fields in the free lot. This lot is open to all licensed student drivers on a first-come, first-serve basis – no parking permit is required. Park at your own risk. 

7. Students who lose their permit will need to pay a $20.00 replacement fee to obtain another permit for their vehicle. 

8. If a student obtains a parking permit without following the proper procedures determined by the administration, he/she will lose the right to park in the Mankato West High School parking lots. Additionally, any money that was used to obtain the unapproved parking permit will not be refunded.

9. School District Policy 418 gives students and staff the right to a safe and chemical-free environment. A student found in possession of any drugs, alcohol or other substances outlined in policy 418 will forfeit the right to park in the Mankato West High School parking lot.

10.  Students driving any vehicle that is found to contain a weapon will forfeit the right to park in the Mankato West High School parking lot.



1. All students are expected to drive responsibly. The speed limit on the school campus is 10 mile per hour.  Reckless, careless, or hazardous driving at any time will result in the immediate loss of parking privileges for the year.

2. Students will not be allowed to sit in their vehicles, nor allow others to sit in them anytime during the school day, including noon hour. Students have the option of removing their vehicles from the parking lot during the lunch hour. 

3. Students may use their vehicle for family or personal errands, appointments, etc., but only with parent notification to the principal’s office prior to the appointment in which a pass will be issued to the student.

4. Students littering the parking lot with paper, bottles, fast food wrappers, etc., may lose parking privileges or be assigned other appropriate disciplinary action, such as spending an hour after school picking up litter.

5. Vandalism to vehicles in the parking lot will not be tolerated. Parents and students alike are reminded that school officials cannot maintain a constant vigil on the parking lot; therefore, students are asked to report immediately any incidents of vandalism. Reports of vandalism will be turned over to local police.



1. Vehicles may be towed away at the owner’s expense if they are improperly parked (parked in a manner that impedes the accessibility of buses or emergency vehicles), lack a permit, or if the drivers violate any parking lot regulations.  Students and parents sign the parking agreement; therefore, no further warning or posting of rules is required.

2. A student’s parking permit may be revoked at any time by the West High Administration depending on the severity of the rules violation. If a student’s parking permit is revoked for violating parking regulations, that student forfeits his/her right to any refund of the original $80.00 permit fee.

3. While on school property, cars may be subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion of rule or law violation. Canine searches of cars may also be conducted in the school parking lots. Students who refuse to allow a search will face suspension and lose their parking privileges for the remainder of the school year and risk legal consequences. 

4. Any student parked in a visitor spot may be towed without warning.

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